Our Story

Meet Chiara Hair Care & Styling – where simplicity meets fashion.

I'm Hazel from Alkmaar, and in early 2022, I embarked on this journey. It all started with a spark of creativity and a sewing machine. I wanted to craft stylish items for my daughter, Chiara, and myself. A Scrunchie caught my eye – chic yet simple, and the JUMBO SCRUNCHIE was born.

As we wore our Scrunchies, inquiries poured in about where we got them. Friends and even strangers loved them, prompting the idea of creating and selling these unique pieces.

From a fun hobby, Chiara Hair Care Styling was born. The name was obvious – Chiara, like my daughter.

 Being a mom of two, styling my hair often takes a backseat; it's usually tied up. But wearing a stylish Scrunchie instantly boosts my confidence.

The Scrunchies I craft are versatile, suiting all ages and styles. Whether it's a special occasion or everyday wear, there's a perfect Scrunchie for every outfit.

My "ME TIME" is limited to when my kids sleep. In those precious moments, an idea sparked – quick hair styling. And that's where the concept of Heatless Curls came to life.

Heatless Curls provide stunning locks without damage from hot tools. Just pop them in for 2 minutes before bedtime or during chores. In a minimum of 3 hours, unveil beautiful curls – the ideal look for today's plans.